About me

About me


My name is Linda Landquist and I live in Västerås, Sweden.
Ever since I was a child curiosity has always been my greatest trait, and I think it is curiosity that led me to develop as a photographer.

I stumbled into photography by a photography course we had during my first year in high school. I noticed how much fun I thought it was, and in the same time I was inspired more by my photo-interested friends.
I bought an SLR-camera and it eventually became my best friend.

After high school I applied to a variety of photography schools, and in the end I chose a nature photo-line on “Ålands folkhögskola”. I chose the course as it involved a lot of traveling, interesting lectures and a lot of outdoor activities.
During the year we would do an individual project. I chose to do my project on nature issues in today’s society. The result you can see here.

I am a happy and positive girl who loves photographing. I’m currently working as a school photographer and is planning an around-the-world trip that will be at the next November, 2011.